Vascular Surgeon Gurgaon and Vascular Surgeon Delhi

Dr Subramaniam is a Consultant Vascular Surgeon, currently based in the UK. He worked in the Delhi NCR region from 2010-2015 as a senior consultant in Vascular surgery. This site is an information page which offers some basic information on Vascular conditions.

Dr Subramaniam is also available for online consultation. Consultation is free of charge. Advice from the doctor is given based on evidence.

While his consultation service is free, he would be happy if you can contribute (any amount) to a charity of your choice or to the charities he supports.

All kinds of Vascular Diseases are cured by the Vascular Surgeon Gurgaon including:

  • Diabetic foot syndrome
  • Mini Stroke
  • Ballooning of arteries (Aneurysm)
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease
  • Temporary Blindness
  • Restoring of Blood Flow to the Damage Blood Vessel
  • DVT and many more.

In order to get the best and the latest Vascular as well as the Endovascular treatment, one only need to fix an appointment with Vascular Surgeon and happily live a life without any vascular disease. The proficient Vascular Surgeon Delhi works with the objective of offering a high standard of medical services in India and hence providing treatment to the patients with compassion, commitment and care.

Testimonials About Vascular Surgeon Delhi And Vascular Surgeon Gurgaon

Vascular Surgeon Delhi I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the nurses, doctors and ancillary staff who were involved in the treatment and procedure of my varicose vein problem recently. Prior to the procedure, all the relevant tests were carried out extremely professionally.
I was kept informed of exactly what was happening at all times during the tests leading up to, during the procedure and afterwards.

Aftercare while I was in the hospital was also handled very professionally by the excellent nursing staff. Once again thank you all for a very professional job very well done.

I will certainly recommend Dr Subramaniam to my friends and colleagues.